21.11.2016 16:25
Current News, Electricity Market

Testing period of the real-time publication of balancing power pricing data starts

Fingrid has today started a testing period that involves publishing pricing data on balancing power in real time. The purpose of the project, which was initiated by customer feedback, is to test, for the first time in the Nordic countries, the publication of pricing data on balancing power in real time and how this affects the management of power balance across the power system.
During the test period, the price of the last activated up-regulating bid will be published in real time. The test focuses on the scarcity situations in balance control. The price will only be published when Finland is decoupled into a separate regulation area, i.e. it will not be possible to order up-regulating power from Sweden, and once the remaining voluntary up-regulating bids amount to 100 MW or less. During scarcity situations, the pricing data will be published in connection with the statusstate of the power system picture on Fingrid's website.
“Our goal is to increase the transparency of the markets and to create equal operating conditions for all market parties. Publishing the pricing data will also enable electricity market parties to support the balancing of the power system during scarcity situations”, says Asta Sihvonen-Punkka, Senior Vice President of Fingrid.
The testing period starts today, Monday, 21st November, and will tentatively continue over the winter season, until the end of February. A potential continuation of the test period or expanding it to scenarios other than scarcity situations will be decided on during February on the basis of the lessons learned until then.
Further information:
Asta Sihvonen-Punkka, Senior Vice President – Markets, tel. +358 30 395 5235
Vesa Vänskä, Expert, tel. +358 30 395 5185