22.3.2016 15:25
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Nordic TSOs open joint office in Copenhagen

Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in the Nordic Region have a long history of close collaboration. A joint focus on operational security and market development has been the backbone of constructive cross-border collaboration over the past decades.
With the decision to establish a joint office in Copenhagen, the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish TSOs formalise their collaboration and at the same time respond to coming European regulation requiring the establishment of so-called Regional Security Cooperation Initiatives (RSCI).
The main tasks of the joint Nordic office will be to coordinate capacity calculation, outage planning, and security analysis as well as the devel-opment of common grid models and short and medium term adequacy forecasts across the four countries.
The office will be fully operational by end 2017 and staffed mainly with employees from all four TSOs.
The Nordic TSOs in the joint office are:
For Finland: Fingrid, www.fingrid.fi
For Sweden: Svenska Kraftnät, www.svk.se
For Norway: Statnett, www.statnett.no
For Denmark: Energinet.dk, www.energinet.dk