7.10.2016 10:25
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Nordic TSOs cooperate on R&D

The five Nordic transmission system operators, Statnett, Fingrid, Svenska Kraftät, Energinet.dk, and Landsnet, have entered into an agreement on cooperation within research and development. The companies' goals are amongst others to promote the Nordic aspects into European R&D activities and to work together on common R&D projects.
The Nordic R&D group has chosen Statnett R&D director Sonja Berlijn to be the chairperson of the group for the coming two-year-period, and Göran Ericson, Svenska Kraftnät, to be the secretary. –We learn that one company's R&D results can be useful for the others. Thus, we want to intensify our cooperation on R&D activities, says Sonja Berlijn, newly chosen chairperson.
-We are closely connected as a region, have many common challenges as well as interests. We now want a closer cooperation to have a stronger voice in European R&D activities, and to get a higher return on our R&D investments, Claes Nielsen, Energinet says.
-The Nordic TSOs have a many years' tradition as to cooperation on different R&D subjects and the cooperation is now formalized, says Sverrir Jan Norðfjörð, Landsnet.
Even though the challenges and interests are similar, the companies organize their R&D in different ways. –Learning from each others experiences to find best practices, e.g. on R&D organization, is another important part of the cooperation, says Jussi Matilainen, Fingrid.
The Nordic TSOs' R&D organizations have, over long time, had a portfolio of app. ten joint R&D projects. Now they plan more strategic common R&D projects, to meet common Nordic challenges and opportunities. –Obviously, we have a lot in common, and ought to meet many future challenges with joint solutions, says Göran Ericsson.
The R&D leaders from Landsnet (Iceland), Energinet.dk (Denmark), Svenska Kraftnät (Sweden), Fingrid (Finland), and Statnett (Norway) plan meet two times per year, in addition to cooperation within single initiatives.
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