29.3.2016 13:00
Current News, Power System

Fingrid began to publish power system frequency measurement data

Fingrid publishes historical frequency measurement data of the Nordic power system for research purposes. Currently, frequency measurement data starting from 2015 has been made available on Fingrid website and more data will be added periodically. The data can be accessed here.
The balance between power consumption and production can be observed in power system frequency. If consumption exceeds production, frequency begins to decrease. Vice versa, if production exceeds consumption, frequency begins to increase. During normal operation, frequency in the Nordic power system is allowed to fluctuate between 49.9 and 50.1 Hz. During disturbances, like a loss of a large generator, frequency can momentarily deviate by several hundreds of millihertz from the standard frequency range (49.9 – 50.1 Hz).

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