16.9.2016 11:55
Current News, Electricity Market

Fingrid appointed as a member of Ministry's smart grid working group

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has appointed a working group to look into opportunities of smart grids for electricity markets. The aim of the working group is to create a common view of the future smart grids and propose concrete measures on how smart grids could serve customers' possibilities to participate in electricity market and contribute to maintain security of electricity supply.
The power system and electricity markets are facing significant changes. A sharp increase in variable generation has weakened the security of supply. In parallel to the increase in demand for regulating power capacity as a result of growth in variable generation, a lot of capacity that has the ability to regulate has been closed down. To increase the flexibility in the power system, demand side response should be facilitated by redesigning the market models and other arrangements. The smart grids on their part enable an efficient transition towards the power system that is based on intermittent generation.
The appointed working group members represent widely the stakeholders on the field. There are representatives from electricity traders and producers, consumers, distribution system operators, regulators and research institutes. Fingrid is also a part of the group.
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