16.2.2015 11:30
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Send your photos of transmission line towers to Fingrid

Take a photo of a transmission line tower and send it to Fingrid for publication! Fingrid is requesting the general public to take photos of transmission line towers all over Finland, from the south all the way up to Lapland.

​The aim is to collect photographic material of transmission line structures in a public image gallery for the viewing pleasure of the general public and to show how transmission line towers are an established part of the landscape. Fingrid will publish all photographs entered into the competition in social media on its Flickr account.  We will also publish selected photographs on our Instagram account and Facebook. Your photo could also make it into our newsletter, and in late summer 2015 we will publish a compilation of the photos in a news article.

We'd love to receive winter and summer photographs of the towers, and it doesn't matter whether your photo was taken recently or some time ago. Participants are encouraged to attach details on whereabouts in Finland the photograph was taken. These details can be approximate (e.g. "Eastern Finland") or precise (street name and municipality). If the participant gives his or her name or initials along with the entry, we will also publish them along with the photo.  If you do not wish to have your name published, let us know separately and we won't publish it.

If a single participant sends in dozens of photographs, we retain the right to limit the number of images. Also please bear appropriate safety in mind when taking the photographs - we will not publish any photographs which involve risks to safety.

You can send your photographs to:
(webmaster at fingrid.fi)

Good luck spotting transmission line towers!

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Edited 24. Feb: Changed Pinterest to Flickr, added Facebook. Participants informed.