21.12.2015 10:15
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Fingrid renews the Koria substation with over 13 million euros; the investment secures the electricity supply in Kymenlaakso and Päijät-Häme

Transmission system operator Fingrid has made an investment decision on the renewal of the Koria substation. The extensive project will involve renewing ageing equipment and improving the substation's operational reliability.
The Koria substation, located in Kouvola, is an important hub for the main grid's east-west electricity transmission connections. Koria is one of the substations through which the Kymenlaakso and Päijät-Häme regions are connected to Fingrid's 400-kilovolt main grid via large transformers. In the Kymenlaakso and Päijät-Häme regions, electricity is transmitted to around 400,000 electricity users.
The equipment of the Koria substation, built in the 1970s, is approaching the end of its technical service life. The substation's 400-kilovolt switchyard will be renewed in its entirety, and extensive renovation work will also be carried out at the 110-kilovolt switchyard.  The investment is worth over 13 million euros, and the construction work will begin in autumn 2016. The project will be completed in spring 2019.
Renewing the Koria substation and other related projects are part of the main grid's long-term development plan. As part of the plan, the first trunk line in Finland, Rautarouva ("Iron Lady"), which was built in the 1920s, will be renewed. The 420-kilometre Rautarouva line from Imatra to Turku passes through the Koria substation. Around half of the line has already been renewed, and the rest will follow by the end of the decade. Plans also include reinforcing the main grid's 400-kilovolt east-west transmission capacity between the Hikiä and Koria substations in the 2020s. In the Kymenlaakso and Päijät-Häme regions, other main grid substations besides Koria will be renewed and renovated in the next ten years. This substation project, as well as other future investments in the area, will keep the main grid's system security at its current high level and enable main grid development.
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