9.4.2014 11:00
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Fingrid and Empower sign a contract agreement for the construction of the Hirvisuo-Kalajoki power line

On Tuesday 1 April 2014, Fingrid and Empower signed a contract agreement for the construction of a 400 kV power line. The power line will be located between Hirvisuo and Kalajoki. The contract is the first part of a 400 kV grid investment programme between Hirvisuo and Pyhäselkä, which is the largest alternating current connection investment in Fingrid’s history. The project, which is located on Finland’s west coast, will also provide the prerequisites for the connection to the grid of new wind and nuclear power sources.​
All in all, more than 350 km of new power lines will be built in the Ostrobothnian region of Western Finland as a result of Fingrid investments. The new power line will be completed at the same time as major energy projects in the region, and the line connection will provide a flexible opportunity to connect wind power to the grid.
The contract agreement signed on Tuesday by Fingrid and Empower covers about 79 km of 400 kV power line between Hirvisuo and Kalajoki. Of this about 31 km will be 400/110 kV (between Hirvisuo and Houraatinkangas). In this section, a new power line will be built in place of a 220 kV power line, which will be dismantled. The line between Houraatinkangas and Kalajoki will be built in place of a 110 kV line, which will be taken down and the 220 kV line will be converted to 110 kV. The contract agreement also includes substantial line arrangements for the new Hirvisuo substation in Kokkola.
Work on the first section will begin in summer 2014. Commissioning of the Hirvisuo-Kalajoki line will take place in two stages, so that the 110 kV part will be commissioned in autumn 2+15 and the 400 kV part in 2016. The Ostrobothnian 400 kV grid development project will be fully completed in 2017.

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