13.12.2013 08:00
Current News, Disturbances

Storm Seija tests the national grid - no serious faults

​Storm Seija caused a few disturbances in the national grid on Friday 13 December 2013 in Kainuu and Southern Finland.

The disturbances in power transmission varied from four to six minutes in the area of Kainuu and Sotkamo. Lahti experienced an outage of nine minutes a little before 5 am. The reasons for the problems are still being investigated. Fingrid will report in greater detail on the reasons during the day.

The cause for the disturbance in Lahti has been confirmed to be a fallen tree in customer's power network. The duration of the disturbance was a little less than two minutes. 

Further information from Manager Arto Pahkin, tel. +358 (0)30 395 4315

Updated 17 December 2013