16.9.2013 15:45
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Landowners give Fingrid a good grade

The results of a new company image survey directed at landowners shows that Fingrid is known as a reliable, competent and responsible company. Fingrid’s overall grade as an operator has improved since last year. ​The name Fingrid is well-known. In the survey, respondents were asked to name energy and electricity companies, and 77% of all respondents remembered that they had heard of Fingrid.

Of those who knew the name Fingrid, 91% evaluated the company either positively or neutrally. The most positive of all towards Fingrid were landowners on whose land Fingrid’s transmission lines are located. Of those respondents, no less than 92% evaluated Fingrid either positively or neutrally.

Fingrid particularly evokes an image of professionalism, reliability, openness and responsibility.

Land Use Manager, Ilkka Alm, finds several points from the thoroughly good survey results about which the company can be especially satisfied.

”The overall grade achieved by Fingrid is positive news and shows that our work has borne fruit. Open and honest operations are part of our principles. Although robust working methods sometimes have to be used in transmission line work, we endeavour, however, to listen intently to the opinions of landowners.”

”I am especially pleased that those people on whose land we are installing our power lines give us the highest marks of all,” says Alm.

Alm says that the survey highlights the desire of landowners to receive correct and reliable information about projects. In Alm’s opinion, co-operation can and should be improved. In particular, the proactive communication and agreement of ongoing projects and work are of primary importance.

Fingrid regularly surveys landowners to find out their opinions of companies in the energy sector. According to the survey completed in the autumn, the grades awarded to Fingrid given by landowners improved in all measured areas in comparison with the previous year's survey.

IROResearch Oy was responsible for the practical implementation of the survey. It was done by means of telephone interviews with landowners in August 2013. The respondents were chosen from a register containing 4,300 landowners. A total of 400 interviews were carried out.

Further information:
Ilkka Alm, Land Use Manager, Fingrid Oyj, tel. +358 (0)30 395 5101
Marjaana Kivioja, Communications Manager, Fingrid Oyj, +358 (0)30 395 5257