11.2.2013 11:00
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First field tower erected in Hyvinkää

Fingrid, the electricity transmission system operator in Finland, has introduced a new transmission line tower model, referred to as a field tower. A model tower has been erected near the Hyvinkää housing fair area. The new tower is part of the transmission line project between Nurmijärvi, Hyvinkää and Hikiä in Southern Finland. The new tower has been designed to minimise the disadvantage inflicted on agriculture and to improve occupational safety.
Fingrid is strengthening the high-voltage transmission system in Southern Finland by building a new 400 kilovolt transmission line from Hyvinkää to Hikiä in Hausjärvi. The 110 kilovolt double circuit line originally built in the 1920s - known as the Iron Lady - between Hikiä and Nurmijärvi will be modernised at the same time, and transmission line rearrangements will be carried out in the Metsäkalteva area in Hyvinkää.  Proximity to urban settlement brings changes to the way in which the transmission line is constructed. Light conical tube towers will be used on the north side of Hyvinkää, and the first field tower was erected in Hyvinkää. The contractor in the project is Eltel Networks Oy.

The height of the new field tower is in the same range as that of a conventional 400 kilovolt tower, where the upper crossarm is at a height of 31 to 35 metres.

Protective structures surrounding the legs of the tower prevent potential collisions with the legs. Agricultural machinery can be operated more freely near the new tower than in the vicinity of conventional guyed towers. The goal is to restrict cultivation as little as possible. Many agricultural machines can run under the tower, since the space under the tower is 7–10 metres in the longitudinal direction and 14 metres in the cross direction of the line.

The foundations of the tower are composed of two prefabricated concrete sections joined together. Each part weighs 3 tonnes. The four-legged tower is anchored to the ground using foundations of 24 tonnes. Separate concreting work is not required, but the entire foundation is built as prefabricated constructions.

“The tower in Hyvinkää is the first of the new field tower range. In the future, these towers will be used at Fingrid’s all new 400 kilovolt line sites in field areas where the towers are applicable. There are 10 to 60 such locations depending on the project,” says Fingrid’s Executive Vice President Kari Kuusela at the erection site of the field tower in Hyvinkää.  The next field towers are already under construction for the transmission line project between Ulvila and Kristiinankaupunki.

The field towers are primarily used in the construction of new transmission lines. They can also be erected on existing lines in conjunction with the replacement of a line or some its towers.

Award-winning tower

The field tower model has been devised in co-operation with design agency Muotohiomo. The tower was granted the Fennia Prize 2012 Grand Prix in industrial design last June. The jury commended Fingrid for the use of design in an innovative and open-minded manner as part of an indispensable infrastructure.  The award-winning tower model is gaining a “little brother”, because Fingrid has been designing a similar structure for 110 kilovolt transmission lines.

Printable images of the field tower for information purposes can be found on Fingrid’s website at Photo Gallery.

Map of the power line opens to a new window by clicking here.

The field tower can be found at address Rantakulmantie 134, Hyvinkää.
Further information: Kari Kuusela, Executive Vice President, tel. +358 (0)40 502 7333