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Fingrid Oyj and IBM are making progress with the renewal of the grid network information system

Finnish transmission system operator Fingrid is carrying out a project of unprecedented scope to renew the grid's ERP and grid information system. IBM was chosen to supply the project in March 2012. All information systems needed for the life-cycle management of the transmission grid, from long-term plans to the planning and management of routine operations, will be integrated in the solution. Once complete, the solution will be one-of-a-kind in the transmission network industry even on a global scale.  "The challenge has been to combine data sources which produce very different kinds of data. It must be possible to analyse and utilise this data more efficiently than before. A concrete advantage of the project is that we will be better able to manage the entire network throughout their entire life cycle," explains Project Manager Marcus Stenstrand from Fingrid.
During the first stage of the project, Fingrid will take into use a module which is part of the ERP system and is used to plan and budget maintenance work and grid expansion projects. Device information and maintenance histories from grid substations will also be transferred to the new solution. In the future, maintenance information for transmission lines, structural information and protection and grid calculations will also be added to the overall system. 

Access to information will be possible using portable devices regardless of time and place. Asset data will be utilised by service providers who carry out maintenance and construction work in the field for Fingrid. 

"The project covers a large part of Fingrid's core operations and almost the entire staff is involved in the implementation. The financial investments are significant. With that in mind, there's a good feeling now that the first phase of the project is complete. We dared to take on a large project and guide it piece by piece towards a new, more functional system," explains Marcus Stenstrand.

"We are harnessing the opportunities provided by a smart electricity network in an unprejudiced manner, where Fingrid is leading the way for the entire industry. It's great to be involved in building a system which will meet future requirements, will have a service life spanning decades and for which we are currently laying the foundations for expansion. The solution utilises the industry's best practices in a new way. The best commercial software available has been chosen for the overall solution, and its properties will be harnessed for use in Fingrid's ERP and grid information system", says Matias Karvinen, Head of Application Innovation Services at IBM Finland.

IBM is acting as supplier, responsible for the entire solution. By using integration and data model standards, the various system modules will be connected to one another in a flexible manner and the integrity of data moving between the systems will be ensured. In the overall solution, the asset register, maintenance management and planning of outages will be taken care of using IBM Maximo Asset Management software. Geographical and map information will be handled by Esri's ArcGIS that is implemented by Esri Finland. Other system modules include a project portfolio management module from Project Institute Finland (Oracle Primavera), geospatial asset modelling (Schneider Electric ArcFM), a mobile user interface (SAP Work Manager), protection calculations (Electrocon CAPE), network calculations and network model management (Siemens PSS®E and PSS®ODMS) and the management of protection settings and testing (IPS-EPIS™ Enterprise) from Intelligent Process Solutions.

A video about the Elvis solution:

Additional information on the Elvis solution can be found on Fingrid's website:

Further information available from:
Fingrid Oyj
Marcus Stenstrand, Project Manager
tel. +358 (0)30 395 5172
IBM Communications Department
Pia Posio
tel. +3588 (09) 459 5900

Further information about Fingrid is available at: www.fingrid.fi
Fingrid's nationwide grid network is a central part of Finland's electricity system. The grid network forms the backbone network of electricity transmission, to which large power plants, factories and regional distribution networks are connected. Fingrid makes sure that Finland has access to an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

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