25.10.2013 14:15
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Fingrid is tasked with responsibility for development of information exchange on the electricity markets

As a result of the Electricity Market Act which came into effect in autumn, Fingrid has been set responsibility for the development of the exchange of information on the electricity markets. The action applies to electronic communication between market participants. Minna Arffman started work as the new head of the information exchange service on 1 September 2013.

The Fingrid service promotes effective procedures for the exchange of information and the use of harmonised communication standards, among other things. Participation in and influence on international cooperation is also important with regard to Finland's future information exchange solutions.

The responsibility for existing services relating to the exchange of information such as a place of use register, certification service, contact information table and guidelines on information exchange will be transferred to Fingrid. The development and transfer of services has begun and the aim is to launch information exchange services by spring 2014. The schedule will be further specified as the projects progress. 

Fingrid is establishing a service providing advisory and customer services for the exchange of information on electricity markets. Through the service, electricity market operators will have the opportunity to examine problems relating to the exchange of information and to ensure that they are using the correct operating method. The advisory and customer service will be taken into use in the first half of 2014. 

Once the service has passed the initiation phase, the aim is to draw up service agreements concerning information exchange services between Fingrid and all electricity market operators. Operators' opinions and input will be listened to when preparing an agreement and as a final step, the Energy Market Authority will confirm the terms of the agreement. 

Close cooperation with operators in the industry will form the basis of operations. Fingrid will also be involved in establishing an information exchange committee which will process current development issues and questions.

Further information:
Service Manager Minna Arffman, tel. +358 (0) 30 395 5263