8.10.2013 16:15
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Estlink 2 commissioning tests will start soon

The commissioning tests of 650 MW EstLink 2 HVDC interconnection between Finland and Estonia will be executed between 21st October 2013 and 5th December 2013. In the first half of the period only small power tests between 0-200 MW will be done and during the second half also full power tests to both directions. Fingrid in Finland and Elering in Estonia will purchase and sell the needed test power transferred between the countries from Elspot and Elbas markets and if needed make the additional purchase from the balancing power market. During the test period the Estlink 1 capacity 350 MW will be normally available for the market.
After the test period EstLink 2 connection will be operated in the trial period between 6th December 2013 and 6th February 2014. Fingrid and Elering have decided to give the capacity of EstLink 2 to the electricity market during the trial period. If there is a need to make additional test during the trial period, the limitations caused by them will be informed by separate UMM messages.
The planned total capacity of Estlink 1 and 2 from Estonia to Finland is 1000 MW and from Finland to Estonia 860 MW. The limitation of the capacity until September 2014 to Estonia is caused by the timeschedule of Kiisa reserve power plant project.
Additional information:
Timo Kaukonen, phone. +358 30 395 4228 or Minna Laasonen, phone. +358 30 395 5132

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