8.11.2012 15:30
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Unit prices for balance service, year 2013

Unit prices for the balance service for the year 2013 were published at the stakeholder seminar on the 8th of November.
The new unit prices at beginning of 2013 are following:
Balance service fees​ Fee from
1 January 2013​
Fixed monthly fee​ 200 €/kk​
Actual production​ 0,158 €/MWh​
Actual consumption​ 0,266 €/MWh​
​Volume fee for imbalance power in the
consumption balance
0,5 €/MWh​
Energy fee for balance power in each
balance in accordance with an agreed model​
Further information:
Senior Vice President Reima Päivinen, +358 30 395 5160
Manager Pasi Aho, +358 30 395 5262