1.6.2012 13:00
Electricity Market, Current News

New prices of balance service from 1 July 2012

The pricing of balance service will change from the beginning of July. The price increases are the result of the growth of the reserve costs allocated to balance service and of a smaller accumulation of the fee for actual production. The volume of reserves offered by domestic production to the annual market and the volume of reserves purchased from Russia have been below normal due to the system operation​The fees for actual production and consumption will increase from 1 July 2012 as follows:

Fee until 30 June 2012
Fee from 1 July 2012
Actual production
0,085 €/MWh
0,120 €/MWh
Actual consumption
0,145 €/MWh
0,170 €/MWh

The other balance service fees will remain unchanged:
Fixed monthly fee
200 €/kk
Volume fee for imbalance power in the consumption balance
0,5 €/MWh

Further information is provided by Pasi Aho, pasi.aho(at)fingrid.fi or tel. +358 (0)30 350 5262.