5.3.2012 13:00
Press Releases

IBM selected as the supplier of enterprise resource planning and network data system

Fingrid, the electricity transmission system operator in Finland, and IBM have signed a contract on the enterprise resource planning and network data system to be used by Fingrid. The value of the contract is 27 million euros. The new system to be introduced in 2014 will provide up-to-date and reliable information on the transmission system. This will contribute to the efficient planning and reliable maintenance management of the power system.
Fingrid is renewing its network data system with a completely new software package. The earlier system, which was tailor-made for Fingrid, has come to the end of its life cycle. The new system supplied by IBM consists of several commercial software products, which are integrated closely with each other. The objectives of the co-operation between the two companies include the development of operating models, transmission system planning, and safeguarding of reliable electricity transmission over a long term.
The software package is capable of, among other things, increasingly better management of transmission system maintenance, reliable planning of outages, and fast clearing of disturbances. The system can be used for drawing up project budgets and for placing orders for work with the service providers. The package enables mobile access to information anytime and anywhere wherever the information is needed.
“The system is very extensive, and a similar package has not been built in the past. This is a major replacement investment, which not only renews our network data system but actually results in a new enterprise resource planning system. The objective is to upgrade the planning and life cycle management of Fingrid’s electricity network and to enhance the existing procedures,” says Fingrid’s Executive Vice President Kari Kuusela in commenting on the contract.
“It is very important for us to be involved in building a system conforming to future requirements for Fingrid. This system opens up perspectives of a smart grid for electricity distribution companies everywhere in the world. In the future, the maintenance and planning of electricity networks will be based on open standards, visualisation of data, and the efficient management of network assets. The system acquired by Fingrid will show the way for the entire electricity transmission industry,” says Kimmo Joki-Korpela, head of IBM’s business services and consulting in Finland.
The supply contract for the ERP and network data system has been prepared for a long time, because the advance specification work was carried out exceptionally thoroughly. The procurement was made in accordance with the regulations for public procurement in special areas. The assessment was based on the tenders, negotiations conducted, reference visits, and a test system built to support the assessment of the tender.
The project will be launched in March by the overall planning phase. The ERP system will be introduced in three phases so that the system is fully in use towards the end of 2014. IBM serves as the total supplier of the project.
Further information:
Fingrid: Executive Vice President Kari Kuusela, tel. +358 (0)40 502 7333
Fingrid: Project Manager Marcus Stenstrand, tel. +358 (0)40 592 3588