29.12.2011 16:00
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Transmission agreements from Russia to Finland between 1.1–31.12.2012

Fingrid, the Finnish transmission system operator (TSO), has made agreements with two electricity importers on electricity transmissions from Russia to Finland between 1.1–31.12.2012. The commercial capacity of the Russian cross-border connections is 1,300 megawatts (MW).
The following companies are importing electricity from Fingrid Oyj Russian cross-border connections in 2012:
                                                                                              Capacity MW
RAO Nordic Oy (Finland)                                                  980
Inter Green Renewables and Trading AB (Sweden)  320
Total                                                                                     1300
In accordance with a report submitted by Federal Grid Company (JSC "FGC UES"), the Russian TSO, the Russian electricity seller INTER RAO UES has agreed on electricity supply from Russia to Finland with the mentioned enterprises. The Fingrid's transmission agreements with the importers apply until the end of December 2012.
A new trading product, so-called direct trade (100 MW) started on 15 August 2011, is available in electricity trade from Russia to Finland in parallel with bilateral trade. An electricity market player engaged in direct trade buys electricity in the electricity exchange in Russia and sells it directly to the Nordic electricity exchange Nord Pool Spot. If all of the offered electricity cannot be sold to the spot market, the player can also trade in the secondary market, in other words in Nord Pool Spot’s or the Russian intra-day market.
The English description of the transmission service and current fees on the Russian connections are available on Fingrid’s website.
Further information:
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