Fenno-Skan direct current link between Finland and Sweden back to commercial operation

The repairs of the Fenno-Skan direct current subsea, which was damaged in early December, have been completed. This transmission connection will become available for commercial operation at the turn of the day, on Tuesday 13 February 2007 at 00.00 Swedish time.
The connection will be operated at a maximum power of 500 MW (megawatts) until the precise reason for the fault has been verified. More detailed examinations of the damaged cable are in progress at the cable manufacturer’s factory in Norway.

A fault in Fenno-Skan was detected on 2 December 2006 out on the sea, approx. 8 kilometres off Rauma on the Finnish coast. The repairs were carried out from the Norwegian special vessel Polar Prince. The two cable joints required by the repair were made on the deck of the vessel. The work progressed well despite the cold weather last week, since the ice cap did not become too thick thanks to favourable winds. Two vessels were also breaking the ice formed.

Due to the favourable operating situation, the cable fault did not cause significant disturbance to the electricity market. The repair costs of the cable total more than 6 million euros.
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