Fingrid to construct a new gas turbine power plant at Olkiluoto

The Finnish power system operator Fingrid Oyj has made a capital expenditure decision concerning a new 100 megawatt (MW) gas turbine power plant and signed the delivery contract for the main machinery (gas turbine plant) with the German company MAN TURBO AG.
The new gas turbine power plant is needed for the reserve obligations of Fingrid. Fast starting generating reserve is needed to ensure the functioning of the power system in Finland in the event of faults in power plants and in the main grid. The new plant will complement Fingrid's present gas turbine reserves which have been constructed in the 1970s.

The new gas turbine power plant will be built at the Olkiluoto power plant site and it will contribute to the supply of auxiliary power to the Olkiluoto power plants in grid failure situations. Teollisuuden Voima Oy takes part in the project by a share of 50 per cent.

The delivery contract for the main machinery (gas turbine plant) was signed today with MAN TURBO AG. The delivery includes two 50 MW FT8 TwinPac generating sets. Both of them consist of one generator and two fast starting aeroderivative gas turbines with their auxiliaries installed and commissioned. Additionally, Fingrid will procure the other equipment and construction work of the plant later during this year. The plant will be completed during 2007. The total value of the capital expenditure with adjoining costs will be about 50 million euros. Further information: 
Martti Merviö, Project Director, + 358 (0)30 395 5234 or + 358 (0)400 511 347   
Timo Toivonen, President,  + 358 (0)30 395 5250 or + 358 (0)40 560 5250