Fault area of Fenno-Skan cable located

The fault which occurred in the submarine electricity transmission cable between Finland and Sweden last Sunday has been located. Repair work will be launched at the end of week 6. The work is estimated to take about three weeks. The earth fault which occurred in the Fenno-Skan direct current cable having a transmission power of 550 MW (megawatts) tripped the cable connection from the grid on the evening of Sunday 23 January. The fault area has now been located, and divers continue to find the exact fault point. The damaged cable section is located approx. 3 kilometres from the cable terminal located at Rihtniemi near Rauma, Finland. A few years ago, the cable was repaired at the same location because of damage inflicted by pack ice. The depth of the sea in the area is approx. 20 metres. Preparations for the repair of the cable have been initiated, and repair work in the area will begin at the end of week 6. The duration of the repair work is influenced by factors such as wind conditions in the area. Further information:
Kari Kuusela + 358 (0)30 395 5129, + 358 (0)40 502 7333
Pehr-Olof Lindh + 358 (0)30 395 5138, + 358 (0)40 546 6115