5.10.2003 10:00
Press Releases

The work of outdoor art at Nummela is a transmission line tower and a welcoming sign

​The work of outdoor art stemming from the local council suggestion of Aila-Helena Löfgren of Vihti, located at the Meritie junction, was illuminated on Wednesday 5 November. This work of art actually serves as a transmission line tower owned by Fingrid Oyj, which is responsible for the national electricity transmission grid in Finland, suspending 110 kilovolt transmission lines which have a vital role in regional electricity transmission.
The suggestion concerning a work of large-scale outdoor art for the Meritie multi-level junction in Vihti was made in December 2000. The suggestion concerned a landmark for the much-awaited junction, "reflecting the traditions of Vihti and communicating that motorists driving on Highway 2 are approaching one of the most rapidly developing business centres in the region of Western Uusimaa".

As early as during the preliminary engineering of the junction, it transpired that the route of the transmission line running from Niemelä to Nummela had to be changed. Co-operation between the municipality of Vihti, Finnish Road Administration and Fingrid produced a plan for the area of the Meritie junction, where the line conversion was carried out through a scenic solution.

The transmission line, which has been designed by Jorma Valkama and which has not yet been named, has modern and characteristic shapes. The free-standing, zinc-coated tower with a lattice structure obtained a "dress", a cladding put together of sheet metal elements, which reflects three different shades of blue. The dress consists of 260 square metres of sheet metal.

The tower weighs approx. 11,000 kilos without the metal sheets and their fastenings, and it soars to a height of 37.6 metres. The metal cladding used is two-layer Composer facing sheet in elements of three different sizes, with a total of 224 elements. Taisto Siivonen of FSDT Oy in Helsinki was responsible for construction engineering.
On Wednesday 5 November, exactly at sundown at 16.15, the tower obtained illumination which has been designed by Ilkka Volanen of Helsingin Valo- ja äänityöpalvelu Oy.

Eero Honkavaara, Project Manager of the project at Fingrid, states that the line modification was carried out through exemplary co-operation. "Technically, the project was executed in the form of subcontracts so that local contractors could also be provided with an opportunity to participate in the construction of their local environment. Out of the seven subcontracts, three were carried out by local enterprises which accounted for approx. 10 per cent of the total costs". The costs of the line modification work totalled approx. 250,000 euro.

Further information:
Eero Honkavaara + 358 (0)30 395 5110, + 358 (0)40 501 8257