21.10.2002 12:00
Press Releases

Replacement of transmission line towers commenced at Kukkolankoski and Keminmaa

Aluminium towers giving way to steel towers. Fingrid Oyj, which is responsible for the main electricity transmission grid in Finland, has launched the replacement of aluminium transmission line towers with steel towers at Kukkolankoski and Keminmaa in the north of Finland. Foundation work is in progress at the moment. The first part of the replacement work costing a total of approx. EUR 11 million will be ready by the end of March 2003. The aluminium towers will be replaced because material defects have been detected in some aluminium 400 kV transmission line towers. All towers will be changed on the line Kukkolankoski – Keminmaa – Pikkarala (Oulu) – Vuolijoki – Alapitkä – Huutokoski (Varkaus). The towers between Kukkolankoski and Yli-Ii will be changed during the coming winter. Aluminium towers located at crossings have been changed earlier.

The new towers will be erected as close to the old towers as this is technically possible. The size and appearance of the new towers resemble those of the old towers.

The actual replacement work will commence in January 2003, and a total of 230 towers from Svartby to Yli-Ii will be replaced by the end of March. The clearing of tower locations and restoration cleaning of the site will continue until the summer. Another 319 towers between Yli-Ii and Vuolijoki will be replaced during the winter of 2004.

The contractor in the replacement work is Eltel Networks Oy (former Johtotec Oy).

Additional information:
Ritva Laine, Project Manager + 358 30 395 5134 or + 358 40 543 3029
Juhani Ahonen, Site Supervisor + 358 30 395 5700 or + 358 400 281 618
Ilkka Alm, Land Use Manager + 358 30 395 5101 or + 358 400 442 405