30.7.2002 16:00
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Miina Äkkijyrkkä's latest work displayed at Farmari 2002 exhibition

"Oivallus" techno calf is made of decommissioned transmission line towers. Sculptor Miina Äkkijyrkkä's most recent piece of art depicting cows and calves has been made of decommissioned transmission line towers obtained from a line owned by Fingrid, which is responsible for the national electricity transmission grid in Finland. The techno calf referred to as "Oivallus" (Insight) is on public display for the first time at the Farmari 2002 agricultural exhibition in Hämeenlinna, Finland, from 1 to 4 August 2002. The aluminium techno calf is surely one of the most interesting attractions at the exhibition. The calf has a height of almost five metres and a length of some seven metres. The material for the work came from a transmission line built in the 1970s. The towers on this line had to be replaced with steel towers because of tension corrosion problems. The work also contains other materials from transmission line structures, such as groundwire marking balls used at locations where transmission lines intersect migration and other routes of birds.

Miina Äkkijyrkkä's production has been characterised by the use of ecological and recycled materials. She has stated that such materials demand her to use them. Miina Äkkijyrkkä describes aluminium as a new, challenging material which was not easy to work. "I felt like starting something for the first time", she commented on the material. She commends her team whose expertise was vital especially in know-how related to the material. The material was forced into the desired shapes gradually by bending, cutting and bolting; no welding was used in joining the parts. The technical implementation of the work was in the hands of Expotrio Oy, which is specialised in exhibition construction.

Artist Miina Äkkijyrkkä is known as a sculptor who depicts cows and especially calves. Through these motifs, she reflects many human phenomena and takes a stand on current issues. The techno calf completed for Fingrid's stand continues Miina Äkkijyrkkä's trend of using recycled materials. The past spring and early summer have been a period of powerful creation for Miina Äkkijyrkkä. As an example, her work "Ujo pikkusonni" (Shy bull calf) is currently on display at Gallery Lasipalatsi in Helsinki, from where it will go on a "tour" in Europe.

After the Farmari 2002 event, the techno calf will be put on permanent display outside Fingrid's Hämeenlinna office.
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