15.12.2000 10:00
Press Releases

Fingrid's Forssa substation into operation in a modified configuration

Refurbishment at Fingrid's Forssa substation, extending almost two years, has been completed. The substation which secures electricity supply in southeastern Finland has undergone a thorough change: the deteriorated equipment has been replaced and the water drainage and structural oil prevention systems at the substation have also been improved. The costs of the modification work totalled approximately EUR 8.5 million.​The Forssa substation, which was originally built in 1954, was subject to extensive condition analyses in the 1990s. On the basis of these analyses, a decision was made to replace almost all equipment used at the substation.

A new access road also used for the transformer transportation was built for the substation. The old 110 kilovolt (kV) switchgear was modernised and new 400 and 20 kV switchgear was built. The 110 kV equipment had also come to the end of its life cycle, so it was replaced as well. In the new 400/110/20 kV transformation, the 400 kV bay was connected to the 400 kV line running from Tammisto in Vantaa to Ulvila. A 20 kV reactor plant was also built at the substation. In conjunction with the modernisation, the Forssa substation obtained a new transformer referred to as the Fingrid 2000 model, developed by ABB Transmit Oy and representing the fourth generation of its type.

The project also covered a substantial environmental investment improving the water drainage and structural oil prevention systems at the substation. A landscaping plan was also drawn up for the substation area. According to the plan, the substation will be integrated to the surrounding scenery through natural solutions which take safety considerations into account. Mounds made up soil will be covered partly by grass and partly by junipers and rowans which are a natural part of the surrounding scenery. Boulders and broken rock as well as mountain pines will be added to the area as details which make the scenery more varied. The landscaping work will commence next spring.

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