14.8.2009 12:00
Stock Exchange Releases

Fingrid Group's Interim Report 1 January - 30 June 2009

The Group’s revenue between April and June was 68 million euros (78 million euros). The sales of balance power were 19 million euros (21 million euros) and purchases of balance power 15 million euros (23 million euros). The IFRS loss before taxes was -3 million euros (-2 million euros).
The Group’s revenue was 184 million euros (193 million euros) between January and June. The grid tariff and Russian transmission tariff were raised by 4.5 per cent at the beginning of 2009. The other operating income was 0.9 million euros (1.0 million euros). As a result of decreasing electricity consumption, grid revenue decreased slightly despite the 4.5 per cent tariff increase carried out at the beginning of the year.
Revenue from the sales of balance power remained unchanged from the previous year at 48 million euros (48 million euros). The purchases of balance power decreased to 43 million euros (46 million euros). These changes in purchases were mainly due to the fact that the consumption and production balances are now handled in two different balances. Cross-border transmission income and peak load power income increased slightly from the corresponding period in 2008. ITC or inter-TSO compensations between the European TSOs grew to 6 million euros. Income and costs related to the feed-in tariff of peat remained the same. Depreciation costs, maintenance management costs, reserve power costs and personnel costs rose, while loss energy costs decreased slightly. The changes between January and June as well as between April and June 2009 from the corresponding periods in 2008 are shown in the table below.