Instructions for land use planners

The high-voltage electricity transmission lines owned by Fingrid are transmission lines referred to under Section 22 of the Finnish Land Use and Building Act (132/1999). In accordance with the nation-wide area use objectives, such transmission lines are significant in terms of nation-wide energy supply. For this reason, authorities must make sure that the possibilities to build transmission lines are retained.

The guideline "Ohje kaavoitukseen" under section "Lisätietoja" on the Finnish page corresponding to this page presents the recommended symbols and plan symbols used of the transmission grid in master plans and local detailed plans. The goal is to provide land use planners and municipal building supervision services with information about how a transmission line should be taken into account in land use planning.

Transmission lines have an influence on their immediate surroundings and impose a variety of restrictions on land use in the transmission line area. Precise guidelines can be given for most of the restrictions. However, some of the restrictions are recommendations relating to land use planning. The guideline also presents some typical types of land use, whose placement near a transmission line calls for special consideration.

Transmission lines must also be taken into account in land use planning when assessing the opportunities for a safe and healthy living environment as specified under Sections 39 and 54 of the Land Use and Building Act.