Flexibility market projects

Fingrid develops electricity markets to consider the flexibility needs of the electricity system. Flexibility market refers to the trading of flexibility from the resources connected to electricity networks as part of the management of the electricity system, for example in terms of frequency, transmission, and voltage management. As stated by the Clean Energy Package (CEP), these flexibility services should be procured with transparent, non-discriminatory, and market-based procedures.

Fingrid develops flexibility market solutions in INTERRFACE and OneNet projects as a part of the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. In INTERRFACE project, which started in 2019, Fingrid has focused on transmission and distribution network coordination and congestion and balance management. In 2020 October started OneNet-project, Fingrid will expand this work, considering the procurement of flexibility also for longer-term needs, for example the transition periods of network reinforcements. In the flexibility market projects, the tasks are related to, for example, flexibility forecasting, visualizations, data exchange, modeling, coordination, trading, and settlement. The above-mentioned functionalities are needed when the transmission and distribution networks will increasingly need market-based flexibility to support their electricity system and network infrastructure in the most efficient way possible.

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Jukka Rinta-Luoma, Fingrid, INTERRFACE

Taneli Leiskamo, Fingrid, OneNet


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