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Fingrid magazine 1/2024: The power system needs more reserves

The first Fingrid customer magazine of the year has been published. The main theme of this issue is power system reserves. The energy transition is significantly increasing the need for reserves. 

In the editorial of Fingrid magazine 1/2024, Tuomas Rauhala, Senior Vice President, Power System Operation, writes about the new normal: larger power fluctuations in the electricity system in Finland and the other Nordic countries. Incorporating new and existing forms of flexibility in electricity production, storage, and consumption into the reserve market is vital to maintaining system security.

Fingrid welcomes new operators to the electricity reserve market to balance the power system and earn additional income. Around 70 companies currently participate in the reserve market, but more reserve units, such as wind power, large electricity consumers, batteries and solar power, are needed, say Fingrid’s Pia Ruokolainen and Jukka Kakkonen. This issue includes interviews with people from companies already operating in the reserve market: Mikael Heikkilä from Fortum, Marko Ketola from Tampereen Energia, Mikael Surakka from Outokumpu (on the cover) and Juha Hietaoja from Gasum.

Mikael Heikkilä talks about how Fortum benefits from participating in the reserve market: “It is in the company’s interests that the power system works properly and society can depend on electricity as its main energy source. In addition, we receive financial compensation for reserves,” he says.

Some of the other articles in issue 1/2024 of the Fingrid magazine:

  • Out and about with a transmission line installation technician. A day in the life of a transmission line installation technician working for Eltel Networks.
  • Relay protection counters the adverse impacts of disturbances in the main grid.
  • New calculation model guides emissions reduction measures.
  • Grid energy storage has a multitude of uses. Interview with Cactos Oy.
  • Fingrid’s new CEO Asta Sihvonen-Punkka’s work week.

Safety on the Lines, Fingrid’s occupational safety publication, is published twice a year as a supplement to the Fingrid magazine. This issue covers topics including compliance with safety plans and ongoing risk assessments on demanding worksites, as well as a review of occupational safety on Fingrid’s worksites last year.

The printed version of the Fingrid Magazine will be published for customers and subscribers. The articles will also be published in stages in Fingrid’s online magazine at www.fingridlehti.fi/en. A PDF version of the magazine will also be published on Fingrid’s website:

Fingrid Magazine, 1/2023 >

Safety on the Lines, 1/2023 >

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