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The theme of Fingrid magazine 2/2023 is the transformation of the energy system

The second Fingrid Magazine of the year has been published. The theme of this issue is the transformation of the energy system.

In the magazine’s editorial, Fingrid’s President & CEO Jukka Ruusunen lauds Finland’s incredible opportunity to create new industries to resolve the world’s emissions problems. The new wave of industrialisation will require an immense amount of electricity. Fingrid estimates that electricity consumption in Finland could increase by up to 50 per cent as a result of industrial investments this decade.

“Electricity will be a critical factor in this competition – it must be emission-free, inexpensive and reliable. And Finland can offer that electricity,” he writes.

In an interview for the magazine’s cover story, Laura Ihamäki and Antti-Juhani Nikkilä from Fingrid say that numerous operators are planning new solar parks and offshore wind farms in Finland. Finland needs offshore wind power and industrial-scale solar power in addition to onshore wind power to respond to the increased electricity consumption due to the green transition and new consumption investments. There are still many matters to resolve related to the construction of offshore wind power.

Some of the other articles in issue 2/2023 of the Fingrid magazine:

  • Practical question: How much energy does cooling consume, and how much does it cost? Motiva’s Teemu Kettunen supplies the answers.
  • A reliable electricity grid gives Finland a competitive edge. Interview with Outi Ervasti from Neste, Saara Kujala from Ren-Gas, and Markku Kivistö from Business Finland.
  • Finland’s second transmission system operator, Kraftnät Åland, operates in Åland. Read the interview with CEO Conny Rosenberg.
  • Testing 24-hour performance. The network code ensures that electricity production is as stable as possible under all circumstances.


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