17.5.2021 14:36
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The new Arkkukallio substation will be a significant connecting point for wind power

Several wind power projects are under construction to the south of Kristinestad. An efficient new substation is needed in the area in order to transmit the clean electricity generated by wind power to the main grid and onwards to consumers. For this reason, Fingrid Oyj has decided to invest in building the Arkkukallio substation in Kärjenkoski, a village in the municipality of Isojoki.

The 400/110 kV Arkkukallio substation will be built in the middle of the wind power projects. According to current plans, approximately 500 MW of new wind power will be connected to the Arkkukallio substation by the end of 2024, and approximately 800 MW will be connected by the end of 2028. Due to the large number of connections, the Arkkukallio substation will be larger than normal from the outset, with two 400 MVA main transformers. This will ensure that the substation has sufficient transmission capacity and operational performance to address the evolving needs of the region.

The new substation will be located along the 400 kV transmission line between Kristinestad and Ulvila, and the substation will be connected to the main grid by a transmission line. The 400 kV Kristinestad-Ulvila transmission line and the Arkkukallio substation, which has just received the green light for investment, are parts of the Coastal Line, one of the main transmission lines in Finland’s main grid, which Fingrid manages. The Coastal Line stretches from Turku in the southwest to Keminmaa in the northwest. It is an important transmission line that contributes to ensuring that Finland remains a uniform price area. The transmission line brings the electricity generated by wind power on the west coast to the areas of high electricity demand in the south of Finland.

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