16.10.2020 13:56
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Fingrid to expand the Jylkkä substation – the substation will become the most significant connecting point for wind power production in Finland

The volume of renewable energy production will grow rapidly in Finland in the coming years. Because of this, the electricity transmission system operator Fingrid has several projects underway to ensure that this new production is able to reach the distribution networks, and thus consumers, via the main grid. Fingrid’s latest contract is the expansion of the Jylkkä substation in Kalajoki and the procurement of a third transformer.

Today, 260 MW of wind power production is connected to the main grid through the Jylkkä substation. During the last couple of years, new connection agreements for wind power production amounting to 620 MW have been signed for the Jylkkä station alone. In addition, 390 MW of additional wind power production is under development in the Kalajoki and Pyhäjoki region. The volume of new wind power production to be connected is so high that it requires a significant expansion of the Jylkkä substation and the addition of a third main transformer.

The project will be completed in 2022. Once the project has been completed, the Jylkkä substation will be the most significant connecting point for wind power production in Finland.

According to the procurement decision made by Fingrid at the end of April, the expansion contract for the Jylkkä substation will be carried out by Omexom. The project will expand the current control centre building, add two fields to the 400 kV switching station and eight fields to the 110 kV switching station. In addition, the project will involve moving the westernmost 400 kV transmission line in the Finnish main grid, the so-called Coastal Line, and building a containment building for the new transformer. Expansions and improvements to the substation’s protection and control systems will also be carried out in the project.

A special feature of the project will be the implementation of the first longitudinal circuit breaker field for 110 kV busbars in the Finnish main grid, the likes of which have previously only existed for 400 kV switching stations. Longitudinal circuit breakers allow the main busbars of the 110kV switching station to be divided into up to four parts, significantly improving the availability of the substation.

The third 400/110 kV main transformer to be acquired for the substation will be supplied by Kolektor Etra. The total investment costs of the project are approximately EUR 11.4 million.

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