2.12.2020 10:27
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Customer survey yields excellent results for Fingrid’s Guarantees of Origin service

Fingrid’s Guarantees of Origin service received excellent grades in the annual customer survey. The service verifies the origin of renewable electricity.

A survey is carried out annually for customers of the Guarantees of Origin service. Customers have given good feedback for the service for several years in a row. Previously, only administrators on the Guarantees of Origin register were asked to provide feedback, but this year, the survey took in a larger sample by addressing all registered users.

Despite the expansion, the overall grade on a scale of 1–5 was 4.4, an excellent result (2019: 4.6). All other key topics received a grade of over 4: communication was graded 4.2, the functionality of the register was graded 4.3, and the users’ impressions of Fingrid’s collaboration were graded 4.5. The open-ended comments included praise for the expertise and availability of customer service, swift response times and the functionality of the register.

We also asked our Guarantees of Origin customers to rate us on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) scale to indicate how likely they are to recommend Fingrid’s way of working with customers. The NPS scale is from 0 to 10, and the result is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors (grades 0–6) from the percentage of promoters (grades 9–10). The Guarantees of Origin service achieved an excellent NPS of 51.1.

According to the open-ended comments, there is still some room for improvement in communication, and respondents requested things such as interesting experiences from around the world. Customers also wished to have access to an API, have a longer interval between setting new passwords, and longer session times.

“Unfortunately, it will not be possible to implement all of these requests due to information security considerations, but we will be implementing an API,” says Kirsi Salmivaara, Specialist in Guarantees of Origin at Fingrid.

Guarantees of Origin (GO) for electricity are certificates that can be used to verify that electricity has been produced from renewable energy sources or by high-efficiency cogeneration. If an electricity supplier sells or markets renewable energy or if a company otherwise communicates the origin of the electricity it uses, the company should first verify the origin of the electricity and the proportion of renewable energy sources. Certification takes place in the guarantee of origin certificate registry managed by Fingrid. The register is used to issue, use, transfer – within Finland or between European countries – and expire guarantee of origin certificates. The register accepts power plants that meet the statutory requirements.

Further information:

Kirsi Salmivaara, Fingrid, kirsi.salmivaara@fingrid.fi

More information is available on our website: > https://www.fingrid.fi/en/electricity-market/guarantees-of-origin/