16.1.2018 14:42
Press Releases

Negotiations on a Nordic balancing structure continue – a common proposal was not found by the deadline

The Nordic transmission system operators (TSOs) have been negotiating intensely concerning a common balancing structure and the related operating models. The TSOs share the view that the Nordic countries would in the future be a single balancing entity and decision-making would, in accordance with the EU Regulation, be based on unanimity. In contrast to the current model, the new structure would involve balancing production and consumption separately in each Nordic market bidding area. Finland forms one of these bidding areas. Balancing would be done using the Nordic balancing power and reserve markets.

A final common proposal for the balancing structure could not be produced by the deadline set in the EU Regulation. However, progress was made during the negotiations and the parties will continue to negotiate actively.

“We have yet to reach agreement on a common proposal to the national regulatory authorities from all Nordic TSOs. However, we believe that the ongoing co-operation will result in the common proposal required by the EU Regulation,” states President & CEO Jukka Ruusunen.

After expiry of the deadline specified in the EU Regulation, Fingrid notified the Energy Authority and Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) on 15 January 2018 that the Nordic TSOs were unable to submit a common proposal concerning a new balancing structure.

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