Theme of Fingrid Magazine 1/2023: modernising the power system

The first Fingrid Magazine of the year has been published. The theme of this issue is modernising the power system.

In the leading article, Jussi Jyrinsalo, Senior Vice President at Fingrid, writes about the revolution taking place in the power system. One major change concerns the technical implementation of power production: production plants no longer operate synchronously, supporting each other. Instead, they feed power into the grid through converters, requiring the numerous power converters and controllers to work seamlessly together.

“It is great to be involved in this kind of modernisation work – not every generation gets to experience this,” he says.

In this issue, Anni Mikkonen, CEO of the Finnish Wind Power Association, points out that Finland is currently one of the hottest wind power markets in Europe. The growth in wind power requires grid stability to be strengthened. According to Antti Harjula from Fingrid, the types of reinforcements can be divided into solutions implemented in wind power plants and purchased in the market and solutions built into the network.

In issue 1/2023 of the Fingrid Magazine also e.g.:

  • Cover story: Over the next ten years, Fingrid will execute approximately 180 substation projects. Niina Hakkarainen, Junior Project Manager, is one of the employees heading these projects at Fingrid.
  • How Boliden Group and the Antilooppi real estate investment company have used the power system support procedure
  • Contingency planning for electricity shortages continues this year
  • Could microreactors become a new export product? Juhani Hyvärinen from LUT University answers our questions.

Safety on the lines, Fingrid’s occupational safety publication, is published twice a year as a supplement to the Fingrid magazine. This issue covers topics such as integrating a safety mindset into everyday work on-site and worksite earthing procedures, which gave rise to more near misses last year than before.

Fingrid Magazine is published in print in Finnish and English. The articles in the magazine and the supplement will also be published in stages online at www.fingridlehti.fi/en. The magazine is also available in PDF format:

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