21.6.2023 14:25
Current News, Electricity Market

The beta version of Fingrid's Open data online service has been published

Fingrid's Open data online service will be renewed this year, offering aggregated information about the Finnish electricity system and the electricity market. A beta version of the new service has now been published at https://beta-data.fingrid.fi/.

Fingrid's revamped Open data online service has now been released as a beta version, which initially offers datasets in a 15-minute time period. The service is still being developed in the beta phase and more datasets will be added to the service.

Renewed Open data enables the provision of new datasets, versatile search functions and easy-to-use data downloads. Users of the programming interface are better able to manage their own API keys than before. The service also offers comprehensive examples for searching.

The current Open data will serve in parallel with the beta version until the end of the year, and the old datasets will be gradually transferred to the new service. You can leave feedback about the renewed service by email to avoindata@fingrid.fi.

More information:
Hanna Nurmilo, project manager, Fingrid Oyj, tel. 040 559 0805