4.12.2023 15:07
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Opportunities for wind and solar in the Nordic reserve markets

The Nordic power system is changing with increasing share of renewable energy production creating new challenges for the system stability. At the same time, it also creates new possibilities. Today the reserves are mainly delivered from resources whose active power is largely controllable (e.g. hydropower). Resources with variable production, such as wind and solar, participate to a very limited extent. Wind and solar do have possibilities to gain additional profit by participating in the reserve markets and thus enabling the green transition. ​

The Nordic TSOs now publish a common document to provide guidance for the Nordic reserve markets, with the aim of increasing the participation of wind and solar. It highlights the initiatives and different approaches made in the four Nordic countries to introduce more wind and solar.​

Each TSO will arrange national events where the document will be presented. The events will also give a possibility for the solar and wind participants to ask questions and give input on which possibilities and barriers they see. Information about date and place, as well as registration, for the national events will soon be available on each individual TSO's web page.

The common Nordic document

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