16.2.2023 09:19
Current News, Electricity Market

Nordic TSOs strongly support maintaining the central features of Europe’s electricity market model

The European Commission recently held public consultation on an electricity market design reform. European TSOs have prepared a common response to the consultation through ENTSO-E, the European Network of Electricity TSOs. Fingrid and the other Nordic TSOs have actively participated in this process and support most of the resulting responses.

In addition to this, the Nordic TSOs – Fingrid, Svenska kraftnät, Statnett and Energinet – have published a joint statement highlighting the issues that we find of particular importance. The statement underscores the Nordic TSOs commitment to safeguarding the central features of the current electricity market design which has proved itself to be successful on ensuring the key objectives of competitiveness, security of supply and sustainability. Above all else, it is crucial to maintain the predominance of marginal pricing and effective functioning of short term markets and minimize distortions and interventions in the market that could lead to higher longer term costs and inefficiencies.

Further information:

Juha Hiekkala, Fingrid Oyj
Ali Haider, Fingrid Oyj
E-mail addresses: forename.surname@fingrid.fi

The full statement attached.