12.6.2023 15:18
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Interested in flexibility market piloting?

EU-funded OneNet project is developing flexibility markets and is now offering a possibility to join the project’s piloting. Participation to the piloting offers a chance to be among the first to test out the future flexibility markets.

Fingrid is seeking interested parties to participate in the piloting of the OneNet project together with other OneNet partners. OneNet project is funded by EU's Horizon 2020 programme and aims at creating a basis for future flexibility markets by demonstrating the concepts. The project started in the autumn 2020 and lasts until the spring 2024. The piloting activities will be concluded during the autumn 2023. 

Interested parties will be able to participate in the piloting using their own resources without funding from the project. Participation to the piloting allows the actors to get knowledge of flexibility market concepts developed in the project and get insight about the possibilities to generate value from flexibility. Participants are expected to be able to activate flexible resources based on activation requests sent through an API interface. In addition, metering data is required to be sent to the project platform. 

Other Finnish project partners include Kymenlaakson sähköverkko, Vattenfall, Nord Pool and Enerim. 


Jukka Rinta-Luoma, Specialist, Fingrid Oyj, tel. +358 30 395 4145 
E-mail addresses: forename.surname@fingrid.fi

OneNet project web site: https://onenet-project.eu/ 


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