11.7.2023 10:06
Electricity Market

Frequency containment reserve for normal operation trading pilot in preparation from Estonia to Finland

Fingrid and Elering plan to extend the co-operation in exchange of reserves and invite Estonian market participants to take part in FCR-N exchange pilot. According to the current estimate, the pilot will start next autumn.

FCR-N is a frequency-based reserve that regulates active power to manage the sudden changes in active power balance and changes in system frequency. FCR-N pilot would test the technical solution of FCR-N exchange in the extent of symmetrical product of 10 MW. The physical control will happen at Estonian reserve resources and exchange from Estonia to the Nordic synchronous systen shall be carried out on the Estlink1 HVDC unit. Fingrid and Elering see that technical capability for the start of the pilot shall be established by the end of Q3 2023, before that the service providers could configure and test the Reserve Unit for FCR-N provision.

FCR-N exchange is operated based on the available capacity of EE-FI cross-border after DA market while taking into account additional constraints. Estonian market participants shall participate in the Finnish FCR-N capacity market and will be remunerated based on the delivered capacity and FCR-N activations following the Finnish mFRR reserve or spot price, same as Finnish BSPs. Pilot does not impact the market participation terms and conditions of Finnish BSPs.  Elering and Fingrid reserve the right to suspend the pilot in the unlikely case that the pilot has a negative impact on system security.

Elering and Fingrid see great value of establishing FCR-N exchange for Elering and Estonian market participants to help improve the know-how for the FCR provision when Baltic TSOs shall synchronise with Continental Europe Synchronous Area. To participate, the reserve resource must be physically located within Elering control area. Contacts for participation and more information available at Elering website: https://elering.ee/en/elering-and-fingrid-invite-estonian-market-participants-take-part-pilot-new-frequency-reserve.

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