29.11.2023 16:14
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Fingrid’s cross-border transmission line projects named to the European Commission’s list of Projects of Common Interest

Fingrid’s three cross-border transmission line projects have been named to the European Commission’s list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI). Being included in the list indicates that the Commission considers these projects to be essential for achieving Europe’s energy policy goals. The PCI status makes it easier to promote the projects.

The European Commission has published a list of European energy infrastructure projects to which it has granted the status of Projects of Common Interest. A total of 166 projects have received the PCI status. Among them are the three cross-border transmission line projects proposed by Fingrid together with the Swedish and Estonian transmission system operators; Aurora Line, Aurora Line 2, and Estlink 3. Aurora Line had already been granted PCI status.

“PCI status is a significant recognition for our projects. It shows that the projects are important not only for Finland but also for the entire EU. With PCI status, the licensing of projects project permit procedures will be accelerated, and there will also be an opportunity to apply for EU funding,” says Mikko Heikkilä, Fingrid’s Manager of Strategic Grid Planning.

Aurora Line, the northern cross-border transmission line with Sweden, is the most important investment in Finland’s transmission grid of the decade. It strengthens the electricity transmission capacity between Finland and Sweden, improves supply security, and lowers the price of electricity in Finland. The government granted a redemption permit for the second phase of the construction in October. The connection is under construction and will be completed in 2025.

The construction of the fourth Swedish interconnector, Aurora Line 2, is planned between Finland and Sweden in the early 2030s. Estlink 3, the third submarine cable connection to Estonia, is also in the planning phase.

PCI status can be granted to projects that are essential for the EU’s internal energy market and for achieving energy and climate policy objectives. In addition, the projects must increase competition in the energy markets and improve the EU’s energy security by integrating renewable energy sources in at least two EU countries.

After the approval of the European Parliament and the European Council, it is possible to apply for EU financial support from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) for the projects.

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E-mail addresses: forename.surname@fingrid.fi 

EU Commission's press release: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/IP_23_6047