13.12.2023 12:23
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Changes in the security environment highlight the importance of cooperation among transmission system operators in the Baltic Sea region

The heads of the transmission system operators (TSOs) in the Baltic Sea region held a meeting on Friday 8 December. The TSOs work in continuous cooperation to operate the power system and jointly plan the longer-term development of the system. This time, the agenda included the adequacy of electricity this winter, the integration of the Baltic electricity networks into the Central European system, and the prospects for offshore wind power.  The Baltic Sea region TSOs are the operators from the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries, Poland and Germany.

This winter, the adequacy of electricity in the Baltic Sea region will be better than last winter, and the risk of an electricity shortage is low. The region’s TSOs work actively together and are committed to helping each other if the need arises. The companies share information about the security of the region’s energy supply and support each other in risk management. 

The electricity grids in the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) are synchronised with the power systems of Russia and Belarus. The eastward synchronisation will be discontinued, and the Baltic states will be synchronised with the Central European power system in early 2025. The other TSOs in the Baltic Sea region will support the Baltic states through this process.

The TSOs in the Baltic Sea region have prepared the first offshore wind power development plan for the region, due for publication in January 2024. A substantial amount of offshore wind power is planned for the Baltic Sea, and significant coordinated grid investments will be required to connect these facilities to the region’s power grids.

The TSOs in the Baltic Sea region are the Nordic, Baltic, Polish and German operators, Fingrid, Svenska kraftnät, Statnett, Energinet, Elering, AST, Litgrid, PSE and 50Hertz.

“Cooperation between the transmission system operators in the Baltic Sea region is more important than ever in today’s security environment. Together, we are stronger,” says Jukka Ruusunen, President & CEO of Fingrid.

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