26.4.2022 12:56
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Shunt compensation boosts the electricity transmission capacity between Northern and Southern Finland

The green transition and the electrification of society are increasing the demand for electricity, especially in Southern Finland, while more electricity is generated in the north. Fingrid is increasing the electricity transmission capacity between Northern and Southern Finland with the help of a technical innovation known as shunt compensation. This is a quick solution for boosting the transmission capacity and ensuring that Finland remains a single wholesale price area.

The project involves adding 16 capacitors to six of Fingrid’s substations. The capacitors support the grid voltage, thereby increasing the transmission capacity between Northern and Southern Finland. This compensation solution is a quick, environmentally friendly and cost effective way to substantially increase capacity.

The shunt compensation project does not obviate the need for the transmission line projects in Fingrid’s investment programme, but it will help to boost the transmission capacity before the investment projects are completed. Furthermore, the compensation solution will enable existing and future transmission lines to be used more efficiently. The additional capacity yielded by capacitors could also provide flexibility in the event that the forecasted increase in wind power generation comes online more quickly than planned. Capacitors also help to arrange outages.

The project will take place in two phases. An investment decision was made for the first phase in 2021, and it will be commissioned in 2023. The second phase is expected to be completed in stages from 2024 to 2026, and the estimated investment cost is approximately EUR 18 million.


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Timo Kiiveri
Senior Vice President


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