7.3.2022 10:05
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Second transformer at the Kymi substation to support industrial investments in Kymenlaakso

Industrial investments in the Kymenlaakso region are growing at pace. Fingrid is responding to the increased consumption of electricity by adding a second transformer to the Kymi substation. The new transformer will enable further development of energy-intensive industries in the region. 

The Kymi substation is a significant hub in the main grid, and it is important for electricity transmission in the towns of Kotka and Hamina. Three 400-kilovolt transmission lines and seven 110-kilovolt transmission lines originate in Kymi. The substation’s second main transformer will be commissioned in 2024, and it will provide flexibility for the expanding industrial investments in the region. 

The substation also has space reserved for two new 110-kilovolt bays to enable industrial development in the region and expansion investments in the future.  

The substation’s secondary systems – the protection and control systems – will also be modernised when the new transformer is added. The secondary systems play an important role in maintaining the system security, since they monitor, control and protect the equipment in the main grid. 

The total investment cost of the project is approximately EUR 14 million. 

Further information: 
Timo Kiiveri, Senior Vice President, Fingrid Oyj, tel. +358 40 543 3039