23.3.2022 14:07
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Revamped Fingrid magazine has been published

The first Fingrid magazine of the year has been published. The theme of issue 1/2022 is building the grid. We have revamped the look of the Fingrid magazine and the Safety on the Lines magazine included with this issue. The content has also been renewed.

The cover of issue 1/2022 of the Fingrid magazine features smiling Antti Puuska, who started working in the energy sector back in 1976. As his last project before retirement, he is participating in the renewal of the Tammisto substation in Vantaa. 

The magazine’s main article describes a record-breaking wave of investment in substations; there are more than a hundred substation projects in progress over two years. “Construction is focusing first on substations, but it will then shift to transmission line construction”, says Fingrid’s Construction Manager Daniel Kuosa in the magazine. 

In the editorial, Fingrid’s Senior Vice President Timo Kiiveri explains where the money for the historic wave of investment comes from. “A green loan granted by the Nordic Investment Bank and the interest rate on a revolving credit facility are tied to the company’s sustainability targets”, he writes. 

The other articles in the magazine include: 

  • Cross-border connections growing in importance
  • Has the day come for industrial-scale solar power? 
  • Even reliable electricity grids make preparations for crises
  • Olkiluoto 3 is coming – we are ready


Safety on the Lines, Fingrid’s occupational safety publication, is published as a supplement to the Fingrid magazine twice a year. The magazine presents, among other things, the work of a safety supervisor on a transmission line worksite and submissions to the video competition held as part of the Think Before You Act campaign.

The Fingrid magazine is published in print in Finnish and English. The articles in the magazine and the supplement will also be published in stages in the online magazine at www.fingridlehti.fi/en. 

Fingrid magazine 1/2022 is also in PDF format >  

Safety on the Lines 1/2022 in PDF format >  

​​​​​​​Additional information: 

Marjut Määttänen, Communications, Fingrid Oyj, marjut.maattanen[at]fingrid.fi