5.9.2022 16:28
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Pilot for minimising the unintended flow starting

Nordic transmission system operators (TSOs) have agreed on a pilot for minimising the costs for unintended flow until the full ACE model is taken into use.

Pilot will start on 15th September 2022 and it will be regularly assessed during the pilot period. Based on the assessment TSOs decide on possible needed changes or the continuation of the pilot.

Unintended flow appears when there is unintended power going from high-price area to low price area. This flow causes large costs for the TSOs and unwanted flows and flow patterns in the Nordic system.

During the pilot Fingrid will activate downward balancing when there is balancing price difference between Sweden and Finland and simultaneously large unintended flow. Finland will in these situations be its own balancing area with own balancing price. Expected effect will be lower imbalance price in Finland, lower TSO costs and less unwanted flow patterns in the Nordic grid.

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Maarit Uusitalo, Fingrid Oyj
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