4.11.2022 14:44
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Issue 3/2022 of the Fingrid Magazine focuses on the adequacy of electricity

The third Fingrid Magazine of the year has been published. The theme of this issue is the adequacy of electricity.


In the editorial, Jukka Ruusunen, Fingrid’s President & CEO, reflects on the extraordinarily challenging situation in the energy market. He says that people in Finland have understood that power cuts may happen and have been active in the effort to save energy. 

The main article on the theme discusses the agreements made by Fingrid, the distribution system operators and the authorities on their activities, responsibilities and, for example, communication roles in the event of an electricity shortage. Fingrid is responsible for communicating the various phases of an electricity shortage on its website, as well as directly to ministries and network operators. In the event of an electricity shortage, Fingrid will notify the distribution system operators of the amount of power to be disconnected and the timing of the disconnection.

When the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment receives notice of the situation from Fingrid, it will issue a media release instructing citizens to make preparations and save electricity. The distribution system operators are responsible for implementing managed power cuts and communicating the issue to their customers in various channels. An electricity shortage could also arise so suddenly that there is no time to send warning messages.

The magazine describes these roles in greater detail. In addition, it describes the roles of the Energy Authority, National Emergency Supply Agency and Motiva in the event of an electricity shortage.

Other topics among others: 

  • Waste heat from a data centre replaces fossil energy
  • The adequacy of electricity is estimated proactively
  • The power system vision foretells the transformation of the electricity system
  • Twice as much electricity will soon be transmitted in Helsinki
  • RESPA 22 concludes a multi-year series of exercises


The Fingrid Magazine is published in print in Finnish and English. The articles in the magazine and the supplement will also be published in stages in the online magazine at www.fingridlehti.fi/en.   

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