23.8.2022 10:39
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Information about electricity shortages and how they are handled

Electricity production and consumption must be in balance at all times. An electricity shortage occurs when electricity production and imports are not sufficient to cover electricity consumption, and it becomes necessary to restrict the use of electricity or even to cut the electricity off in certain regions. Fingrid has a three-tier procedure that it follows in the event of an electricity shortage. The tier corresponds to the severity of the incident.

A model has been planned in advance for handling exceptional situations, and Fingrid will work with local distribution system operators and various authorities to put the plan into action.

We have published a list of frequently asked questions about this subject on our website, as well as information about the roles of each party.

The website can be found here, and the question-and-answer section is here. We are still updating the website, and we will add new questions as the need arises.

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