25.4.2022 08:00
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Fingrid to refurbish two important electricity supply substations in Lapland

Fingrid has decided to invest in the modernisation of the Vajukoski substation in Sodankylä and the Utsjoki substation. These investments will ensure that the security of the power system remains good in Lapland well into the future.

Vajukoski substation was commissioned in 1979, and it is an important hub for the main grid in Lapland, supplying electricity to Sodankylä and Kittilä. It also serves the Kitinen hydro power plant and the mines in Suurkuusikko and Kevitsa. Utsjoki substation is the northernmost substation in the main grid, supplying electricity to the Utsjoki area.

“In addition to construction, thorough maintenance of the grid is important. Managing assets worth five billion euros requires replacement investments, which account for approximately 20 per cent of the entire investment portfolio. Repairs enable us to maintain a high standard of system security in the power system,” says Timo Kiiveri, Fingrid’s Senior Vice President, Asset Management.

Vajukoski substation requires a large-scale renovation in order to remain operational. The substation will undergo a refurbishment in which the ageing substation equipment and systems will be replaced along with some of the substation structures. Utsjoki substation was commissioned in 1991, and the substation’s first refurbishment will involve replacing ageing substation equipment and systems and maintaining the transformer.

The investments will enable the substations to remain operational and provide a secure supply of electricity to Lapland well into the future. The projects will be completed by the end of 2024.


Further information:
Timo Kiiveri, Senior Vice President, Fingrid Oyj, tel. +358 40 543 3039