8.9.2022 14:32
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Bidding zone review have been started and alternative electricity bidding zones are published

The European transmission system operators (TSOs) and European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) are studying new bidding zone structures in Europe. The EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) have decided alternative electricity bidding zone configurations to be studied in a bidding zone review. The first webinar on the topic will be held 16th September.

The bidding zone review follows European legislation which requires TSOs to make a proposal of alternative bidding zone configurations. Bidding zone structures are studied on a regular basis to reflect network congestions in Europe. Alternative bidding zone configurations based on this principle need to be examined.

ACER have made Decision (11-2022) on alternative configuration to be studied by the TSOs (Annex I). Alternative configurations are studied for Sweden, Germany, France, Northern Italy and the Netherlands. There are no alternative configurations proposed for Finnish bidding zone.

  • Four different alternative configurations are proposed for Sweden. Alternative configurations include new bidding zone for Stockholm Metropolitan Area.

The bidding zone review have been started and TSOs have 12 months to conduct the review. There will be webinars and public consultations during the process. Time and date for the events will be informed later in the process.

TSOs are organizing next public webinar on 16th September 2022 10am-1pm CET to allow interested stakeholders to ask any questions regarding on Transition Costs for bidding zone review. Questionnaire will collect information on transition costs inherent to the specific bidding zone reconfigurations to be analysed in the bidding zone review. More information and registration can be found from ENTSO-E site.

Later in the process, the Nordic TSOs deliver a proposal of potential changes to the Nordic bidding zones. The Nordic TSOs proposal to maintain or change bidding areas of the Nordic bidding zones is submitted to the Member States or their designated supervisory authorities. Because there are no alternative bidding zone configurations proposed for Finnish bidding zone, the basis of the Bidding zone review is that Finland has one bidding zone and one price.

Potential bidding zone changes will be implemented beginning of 2025 at the earliest.

More information:

Senior Advisor Satu Viljainen, tel. +358 (0) 30 395 4106

Advisor Niko Korhonen, tel. +358 (0) 30 395 4139

e-mail addresses: firstname.surname@fingrid.fi

The bidding zone review process can be found from ENTSO-E site

ENTSO-E report on the Report on the Locational Marginal Pricing

Study of the Bidding Zone Review Process. Input and output data are found from ENTSO-E site